Alexander Truslit The music teacher and researcher Alexander Truslit (1889-1971) was focused on music and motion. He developed his own body related method and taught with it all kinds of instrumentalists. His motion exercises develop a holistic technique for an artistic music playing. He used his own graphical notation in form of curved lines to communicate his method.
Since 1993 his work inspires the performance studies, a part of the empirical music psychology interested in the skills of musicians.
Truslit studied piano with Elisabeth Caland in Berlin and in 1929 became the director of the Elisabeth-Caland-School and its research institution for artistic piano playing. In this function he studied human anatomy, physiology and the connection of musical and physical motion. He published in journals (1919-1967) and the book “Bewegung und Gestaltung in der Musik” (Motion and shaping in music, 1938). In 1942 he produced the educational film “Music und Bewegung” (Music and motion, Premiere 1946).